This Is Design at the Design Museum

I went to the Design Museum exhibition ‘This Is Design’ with a furniture designer friend. Here’s some highlights. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the movement sensing Xbox game, that bit was awesome.

I wasn’t impressed with the Kenneth Granger exhibition at the Design Museum at the same time so I’m not bothering with a post about it. He has an impressive body of work, designing in several areas over decades, but it wasn’t excitingly presented so I find it hard to get inspired by exhibitions like that.

Here’s This Is Design.

Brilliant video of how a fibreglass chair is made. It’s almost abstracted so it captures the beauty of the process – there’s something sexily sensual about the liquid being slathered onto the fibreglass – think Ghost the film. Video by Herman Miller.

A history of chair design on one wall. Quite an ambitious task. I doubt many people who aren’t designers would realise the significance of each chair. That Eames innovated wood processes doesn’t mean anything to the layman without a bit of explanation.

I would be interested to hear what a non-designer got out of this exhibition. Did it explain what design is? Do people come away more aware of the things around them that have been designed (everything)?

This is one of the best architectural models I’ve seen in a long time. I couldn’t fault it. It’s of a bank building in Shanghai I think.

The keyboard comes out like a butterfly apparently. Why wasn’t there a video of this?? It’s too intriguing to not see.

Good advert for a walkman in the 1980s. I think this would still be effective today, it’s quite Wallpaper*esque.

Design through time section. I quite liked this bit – three different objects from different time periods next to each other. It’s quite a rare sight. In a bigger space they could do more with this.

Innovations in science make way for previously impossible to make pieces of art (or design).

Chandelier made out of old fashioned glasses. Quite a fun reuse of unfashionable objects.

Ditto for this one. Hate how old fashioned your phone seems? Melt it up with a load of other retro phones and get this. I think I first saw this material in 2006ish, probably at Designersblock.

Overall I liked This Is Design but I’m not sure how effective it was at explaining what design is to a non-designer, and I didn’t love anything in it. I had seen almost everything there before. It’s the kind of thing I think people would benefit from if they had a tour guide.


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