Power of Making, continued

QR code dress, Thorunn Aradottir
I used it and it works! This one has inspired me to use my QR code reader more.

Here’s more designers from The Power Of Making exhibition at the V&A.

Fantastic Mr Fox, Mackinnon and Saunders
Unbelievably detailed model/puppet for filming up close – how did they get it so detailed? I would love to see a making-of video for this.

Tilt sensing quilt, Hannah Perner-Wilson
Ah, the level of programming that must have gone into this – on top of the craft of making the fabric quilt itself. You can’t help but admire projects like this. Check out this link to see a video of the quilt moving.

Fashion limbs, Aviya Serfaty
Beyond prosthetics – replacement limbs as fashion accessories! I’m proud of Israeli designers when they come up with ideas like this.

Spray on dress, Dr Manel Torres
I’d heard of this before but never seen it. The dress shown in the V&A was similar to this one but all white. It had strange hoops in it – I haven’t got my head round the strange shape the dress made. It must be because this spraying innovation allows more possibilities in form for garments.

Armadillo shoes, Alexander McQueen
I like the playfulness – why should our feet look human? It’s much more fun to be in costume.

Gomli chair, Ron Arad
To be honest, it’s difficult for me to be really impressed by another Ron Arad chair because I already know it’s going to be cool. So I’m not really moved by this chair, but I did dream of a chair like this when I was little, sitting on the sofa with my legs up against the wall, pretending to be in upside down land.

Sand chest, John Makepeace
Just great craft. Apologies for the small computer rendered picture.

Fix holes in jumpers, Woolfiller workshop
Take a holey jumper, put some felt wool over it, put a sponge underneath the hole. Take a needle and stab stab stab the fibres of the felt into the jumper. Voila, a fixed hole and a fun addition to the jumper!

Synthetic nose, Matt Duran and Adelola Oserius
Sorry there’s not that much accessible on the internet for this project, and no pictures at all.
I’m not that big on making material products at the moment which is why I’m enthusiastic about systems and service design. I don’t know how to deal with our culture of planned obsolescence and careless landfill so for the moment I just don’t want to contribute to material culture. Having said that… I love the idea of making prosthetics! Those are things you’re not likely to throw away, and their value is far beyond monetary to the user. Once I’m handling the challenge of service design, maybe scientists would like to employ me in making prosthetic eyebrows or something… I can dream ­čÖé


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