Latin music in Trafalgar Square

The Olympic countdown isn’t that interesting. I was so happy to see some terrific latin music being performed live on Sunday evening in front of the Portrait Gallery.

These guys were really good, but us British just stared at them mostly without moving. One man (I suspect he wasn’t British) started clapping along in a latin beat, and a couple of (maybe Spanish) young people hooted occasionally and danced a bit behind the crowd when the band did something cool.

These guys were not your average buskers. It takes guts to perform there and even more to perform to an unresponsive crowd. The crowds in Covent Garden for the street performers pretty much sucked too. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who enjoys myself – or at least vocalises it. Is everyone scared of enjoying themselves or are they afraid of being too loud or something? Do they not expect to find anything good on the street? Why don’t people interact with the unexpected?

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