Power of Making

Steven Hawking superhero suit, Michael T Rea
I laughed out loud when I saw this. A wooden prosthetic body so Steven Hawking can be a superhero? Brilliant!

The Power of Making exhibition at the V&A was crammed full of extraordinarily made objects, most of them extraordinary in other ways too. Here’s a selection of what I found the most inspiring from the exhibition.

Ghanian Eagle coffin, Kane Kwei Studio Ghana (Acca) – it was actually a lion coffin in the exhibition but I couldn’t find any images online.
I love the idea of not being buried with a boring grey headstone. Why not be buried in something as amazing as you are?

Photo sculpture, Oliver Herring
This one needs to be viewed close up. It’s an intricate composite of hundreds of fragments of photographs of the model. This is the kind of thing you wish you’d thought of doing. This image is an incomplete version of the work – go and see the finished piece at the V&A now!

Picnic table inlay, Gareth Neal
Do you know how time consuming it is to inlay wood? This would have taken… a very very long time to do! I love it that it’s just a picnic table too, nicely ironic. I suppose I really like this one because I grew up going to stately homes and they all had chests and occasion tables with inlay, and also I had a guitar making boyfriend once who showed me how to inlay.

Look out for the next blogpost about the exhibition in the near future.

All images are from elsewhere on the internet and do not belong to me. Photography was not allowed in the exhibition unfortunately. Click on the name of the object to see the image source.

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