Decode at the V&A

Decode was a fantastic exhibition at the V&A last year. It helped me understand the potential of interactive technology – for me it was an important moment for inspiration in my ideas. Because of this exhibition I decided to volunteer at Kinetica Art Fair in February this year, which provided me with further ideas fodder.

Decode was curated in collaboration with onedotzero.

Audience, rAndom International
This was at the bottom of the staircase to the library in the V&A. Almost animal-like mirrors sensed where your movement and turn to ‘look’ at you. It was quite a creepy experience.

Solar, Flight 404
These are images of my voice. Sing into a microphone and the sound will be visualised as an abstract animation.

Exquisite Clock, Fabrica
This one is a clock where the images for the numbers faded and were replaced by the next number at speed according to what they were representing.

Dandelion, Yoke and Sennep
This was actually on sale at a shop in Kensington a few months ago. It’s an animation of a huge dandelion; the fluff is blown away when you point a hair dryer at it.

Venetian Mirror, Fabrica
This was a black and white ‘mirror’ with a delay. Stand in one position for a few seconds and the mirror will slowly see you. Move to another position and a new image of you will appear as well at the one of you a few seconds ago. I LOVE this one, I love the idea of playing with time, especially because we have a culture now of expecting everything instantly – sometimes it’s good to wait. It gives you a chance to rest, reflect and play.

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