Richard Wilson at the Saatchi Gallery

The Richard Wilson installation at the Saatchi at the moment is fantastic.

I’ve been to the space in the Saatchi before, so I knew to look down since we’re on a balcony.

I looked and saw large rectangles of light and didn’t get it – then a split second later realised it was a reflection of the ceiling.

Oh, so it was a mirror – no, hang on, there’s a bit of a funny surface swirl there, it must be water.

Actually – that smell – it’s oil!

A (cordened off) staircase down gave the illusion the the oil was waist high, but surely they couldn’t get all that oil into the gallery. The industrial tap gave a clue to the substance in case you don’t have a sense of smell.

This was the best piece in the gallery today among some very strong pieces. Blogpost about the rest to follow. Apparently this installation was first shown in 1987, according to the Wikipedia post about the artist.

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