The Ground Floor Arrangement Band

During the London Design Festival I stumbled upon The Ground Floor Arrangement Band. I was looking for an RCA graduate show – they seem to have exhibited in the Brompton district in the last few years – and instead I found a trio who had studied together there a few years ago, but don’t like to emphasise their RCAness. Here’s a lovely video advert for the show.

The following text in speech marks is taken from the program.

David Weatherhead
“Simple arrangements of shape and colour swing back and forth, bringing together clock dial and pendulum.
Made from screen printed balsa wood, the material of toy areoplanes finds flight in the interior landscape. The space perhaps once occupied by a case style pendulum clock rich with ornamentation, finds a modern interpretation that’s been allowed out to play, and swings freely with joy.”

Henny Van Nistelrooy
“‘Revolver’ is a shelving system developed as part of a retail design commission for Velorution, a specialist bicycle shop in central London. Due to its subtle elegance and great flexibility to display both objects and garments, this shelving system is ideal for either public or domestic environments. The cantilever system works by simply hooking shelves one above the other into the frame, resulting in a display that can be changed by the turn of a hand.”

Inca Starzinsky
“‘Slice’ is a series of six scarf designs, featuring different fruit and vegetables, digitally printed on to chiffon silk. Each scarf is printed with a high-resolution macro image of a slice of a fruit or vegetable, scaled up to many times actual size – 130×130cm.”

I loved the space that they exhibited in – often the space of exhibitions is overlooked and not properly addressed – and is too often just white and as plain as possible. The trio have shown that you can have bold colours on the walls and attention is not detracted from the pieces they are showing. The first room you go into is a bathroom with a toilet, with a sign on the toilet saying ‘do not use’. Immediately I imagined someone using the toilet and hoping that no visitors would come through – the bathroom had two doors that were wide open. Laughter is a very good start to a pleasurable experience, and that’s just what this exhibition was. The three designers had quite different focuses in their work – playful, cleverly functional, tenderly delicately beautiful – but in the setting they were complementary.

On top of all that, they were nice people, which I really appreciate.

Looking back at the entrance. Great space, I hope that there’ll be more shows in there in the future.


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