Steve Jobs

Great inspirational speech. Skip to 9.07 minutes for the bit about death and a great observation about life and death.

I am sad to hear of anyone’s death. Steve Jobs has brought stylish technology to the masses and has improved communications across the world through Apple’s products.

However, this is the man that made planned obsolescence acceptable. Planned obsolescence is a great business strategy for getting people to keep buying your products when they break after three years. However, it is terrible for the environment and means that we all spend much more money because the products are not easily repaired.

Computers can be designed to be able to be easily upgraded. Apple do not do that. With Lion being a software package that can be uploaded onto computers made for Snow Leopard, Apple have done something a little more eco concious. But that’s a small step.

Hopefully the new CEO will recognise the huge damage that Apple are inflicting on the world, and maybe try to steer the company in a more morally concious direction.

Despite my complaint, I’m still loyal to Apple computers. I feel like such a hypocrite. They have built a fantastically powerful brand.


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