Dominic Wilcox and Tom Price

Image from

Dominic Wilcox’s work seems to be coming up more frequently these days. He used to do bits for icon magazine when I worked there but I never got to meet him.

This is Tom Price‘s chair. He graduated from the RCA in 2007. I saw him making this chair in the yard of a building in the Brompton Design district during LDF 2007. I wonder if Dominic Wilcox found the inspiration for his bowl with this chair? Nice blogpost about Tom Price here.

I love Dominic Wilcox’s glove hand.

Image from Dominic Wilcox’s website.

It was in the V&A’s The Power of Making exhibition which goes on to January 2nd. The glove is a very accurate model of the skin of his hand, so that anyone who wears the glove will have his fingerprints.

13.10.11 update: Dominic Wilcox made the War Bowl in the RCA in 2002… so the inspiration was probably the other way round. I suddenly feel like a design detective – who inspired who?


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