Galleria Illy hosted by Flos and Moroso at the London Design Festival

During the LFD I visited a pop up gallery hosted by Flos and Moroso in Clerkenwell. Over a period of a month, talks by renowned designers are happening – David Adjaye is doing the last one on the 15th October. I just missed Marcel Wanders when I visited.

Michelangelo Pistoletto displayed his art made out of furniture there.

The chairs are arranged so as to represent the different cultures of the Mediterranean. The mirror table is in the shape of the Mediterranean sea. The art is aiming to bring together the cultures around the Mediterranean and is called ‘Love Difference‘. For more information click here.

Marcel Wanders did those tall free standing lights made of animal skin (maybe fake?) stretched over a metal frame. I loved the chandelier version (they used to have them in Heal’s, not sure if they still do) but I’m not as crazy about these ones.

I really like the wall lamp. Bit difficult to take home though.

All in all, a lovely space. There were coffee making courses running too. I loved how colourful it was and how it was split up… there was also a little bookshop… it was underground though, I’m not sure if the lighting would have been so great if I had to stay down there. But I’m particularly fussy and sensitive to lighting. Nothing beats the sun.

Anyone want to come and see David Adjaye with me?

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