Preparing for the Designersblock Confluence exhibition

These are some photos from the ‘making of’ the exhibtion that accompanied Designersblock’s first conference. It’s a show of the graphics from every year that the Designersblock shows have been running, with one designer’s work from each year. It shows how Designersblock have sought out the most innovative, ahead of their time designers consistently through the years. The display will be on show until 30th September at the 12 Star Gallery at Europe House. It’s free entry.

As an intern at Designersblock I put together the graphic work in frames, which took two solid days of leaning over rulers and bits of double sided tape. It was unfortunate that the floor I was working on wasn’t actually flat but you can’t tell that in the final work thankfully!

It’s good to see how quickly it all came together – from not knowing what is going to be in the exhibition to the finished show three or four days later.

Here’s the backs of some things you’ll never see anywhere else (unless you have a copy from the exhibitions in 1998 and 2003!) – they don’t have many, if any, more copies of their original graphics.

Which one looks better? I haven’t got much graphics experience so it was quite a learning experience for me!

I think I chose the first one. As we humans tend to do. Here’s some more assembly photos – just to show you what my life was like for two (ok, two and a half) long days:

It was scary trying to do all that in two days, and it did stretch to the next day, but it was quite fun really. It’s thrilling working intensely and then seeing it being looked at by other people.

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