Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Serpentine Gallery

Michelangelo Pistoletto: The Mirror of Judgement
12 July – 17 September 2011, Serpentine Gallery, London

Four world religions are represented in a maze of cardboard rolls. You walk through the labrynth, created in reaction to the gallery space (some nice architectural features here), and periodically you come to a path that leads to an object representing one of four religions.

This exhibition is one that makes you ask questions – but perhaps tries to give the answer too strongly. Is religion really the answer at all? Why are objects related to prayer shown in relation to Christianity, Buddism and Islam, yet Judaism is represented by a mirror in the shape of the two slabs of the ten commandments? We have prayer-related objects too. Are they too inaccessible for people to recognise?

There was a theme of judgement too but the idea of judgement doesn’t really appeal to me so I didn’t really focus on it. Perhaps it was my Jewish upbringing. We don’t focus as much on being judged as Christians do.

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