Curtain Call

We spotted Ron Arad on Sunday afternoon at his new installation at the Roundhouse. (He’s the one in the hat.)

Curtain Call is an installation of flexible silicon rods arranged in a large circle on which film can be projected – in effect creating a 360 degree screen that you can walk through. Twelve films by different artists are shown, including David Shrigley and Javier Mariscal who had an exhibition at the Design Museum a couple of years back.

Every so often, a child or presumably an RCA student walks or runs around the circle, rippling the silicon curtain, creating an effect that distorts the films projected and makes the experience feel more ‘live’, as if the 360 degree films weren’t enough.

You just have to see it. There’s no use me describing it. Films and photos don’t do it justice. This is an EXPERIENCE – just as with theatre, you simply have to be there.

It’s ‘pay what you can’ so anyone can go and see it. Open til August 29th.

You can watch it live here – but really you should just get down to Camden.


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