Geffrye Museum

I called this blog ‘Design Inspiration’ so that when I get stuck in a project, I’ll have this place as a record of the things I liked in the past that might serve to inspire me in the future.

This collection that the Geffrye Museum has inspired me deeply as a child. My parents used to take us to stately homes and castles quite frequently. The Geffrye Museum’s display was like walking through time and I loved that concept. It was places like these that made me want to study furniture design, and this museum in particular laid focus on furniture. So thank you, Geffrye Museum! Just goes to show that taking children to places you think they wouldn’t understand the value of do affect them.

When I got to the room shown in the two images above, I was surprised – it matches my vague ideas on my ideal house with the split level. This place must have got into my subconscious! Instead of a bed up there though, I’d have a reading area with all my books and a really comfy armchair with an arm you can rest a mug of tea on. I’d also have a green and gold bathroom like the one in Eltham Palace… wish they allow photography there.

Aged 10, I sat back as far as I could on this chair and my legs were horizontal, feet dangling off the end. I fit on it now.


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