You know those interactive screens with funny effects that are cool now?

They had one in the Science Museum recently, near the genetics exhibition. They’ve had them at the V&A during the fantastic DeCode exhibition and there was one at Kinetica Art Fair. You move and you watch a colourful you mirror your movements with a time delay, or watch yourself become three yous and gradually disappear, or your hands become monsters… there are all sorts of fun things people are doing with cameras and displays these days.

One company that makes these sorts of things is Quadratura, you should check them out.

I had an idea! I really wanted to listen to Earth Wind and Fire, so I found them on YouTube, and now as well as putting faces to the voices, I found out the terrible/amusing/dated effects they put on their videos! It must have been so cool back then. I think it would be fantastic if you could code the screen display so that it will make the effects happen to whoever is standing in front of the camera, live, while the song is playing, just the same way as the video. That would really appeal to me, if not all the people who loved that song when it came out. Be the star of Let’s Groove! Do your own dance moves! And maybe pay a little bit for the video to be put on YouTube? Let’s Groove starring Lior! Or this code could be made into a downloadable app on a camera phone or computer with webcam… oh this idea is too much fun for it to not already exist, please someone tell me if it does!

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