The Hybrid Food Supper

Following The Hybrid Jam Session, The Hybrid Food Supper was a celebration of refugees’ influence on our culture. Arabeschi di Latte designed the food (I think I counted as a temporary member of Arabeschi). The biggest design decision was how to serve the walton pie: with a slice cut? drizzled with something? We based our decisions on making sure the pie looked welcoming and not contrived.

So Far, The Future had a film installed. Someone had designed a table for the event, and a Swiss duo designed some napkins and aprons that were green and unusually round. A silent auction for these designs and the wine was held.

The starters were on plinths, with an art-you-can-eat vibe. Most people didn’t realise you were allowed to eat it, which was something that must be considered. A chef from Ottolenghi did the actual cooking, and he taught me a bit about food presentation – between each cut of the giant scotch eggs he had me wiping the knife. We put seeni sambol, a Sri Lankan dip, on top of the scotch eggs to make a hybrid dish.

The dessert was rice pudding with saffron. We also served baobab gin and tonic, and an elderflower and vodka drink.

People from the Design Council and Design Museum attended amongst other important design figures. The feedback was very positive, which was particularly rewarding after a day of frantic organisation of other people and putting most of it together last minute.

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