New Designers 2011

Didn’t get this designers name. Someone from Brighton Uni.

Mirrored legs make a floating stool. By Clare Testar ( from Brighton Uni.

Undulating bench. You have to move around in it to find a spot that fits you just right. Good ergonomic idea. Not sure about the black though, makes it a bit alien-looking. By edwin from Bucks New Uni. I like Bucks because they don’t pretend to do anything else but good furniture design. Fantastic craft talent emerges every year from there. They probably don’t know much about social needs but they don’t pretend to as so many other courses do.

Also from Bucks. James Pettinger ( All held together with that weave – no fixings. That no fixings problem is such a classic furniture designer’s problem, isn’t it?

HejHej by Anna Clara Rendahl. External device for talking to people via Skype – literally redesigning the phone. Apple-y. Hugler would like it.

Also Tim Pryde‘s robot to persuade people to give to charities was a sweet idea.


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