The Hybrid Jam Session

A while ago I emailed Francesca Sarti from Arabeschi di Latte asking if I could be involved in any of her upcoming projects… and wonderfully she said yes. For Refugee Week in London, Haptic Thought was curating an exhibition and events that aimed to demonstrate the value of refugees’ inputs on culture in London; more specifically, how our cuisine is affected. Francesca was asked to design the food.

This event was called The Hybrid Jam Session. We put on a jam-making workshop for kids, using a variety of fruit, but also baobab powder which comes from the tree of life. It was held in the So Far, The Future gallery space just off Lamb’s Conduit Street, near Russell Square.

Initially the workshop was going to be for refugee children but it didn’t quite work out that way; in the end, we recruited kids from the local park. It was a lovely sunny day so there were plenty of people about, and I think the families that came had a great time at our session.

We enjoyed the fruits of our efforts (pun intended!) with scones and tea.


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