Indirect influence

Just started reading The Story Of Stuff. You know when you read a book and you think ‘but I thought that was my idea!’? I’m getting that feeling with that book.

I felt like that with Papanek’s ‘Design For The Real World’ (2nd edition) too – I suspect the reason for that is my tutors read it and it influenced their ideas, and through what they taught me I got a taste of Papanek-sort of ideas, and then brought the tit bits from all my teachers to form opinions that sound like something straight out of the book. Indirect influencing.

So what might have happened with The Story Of Stuff might be that the writer (annie Leonard) and I were indirectly influenced by the same people, or perhaps her work (before the book) indirectly influenced me some other way – probably both. One thing’s for sure – everything is connected, just like she says in the introduction.

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