People I’m liking right now

Max Lamb. As always. Apart from the exhibition he did of his dad’s work, which I didn’t really get.

Nelly Ben Hayoun. Saw her astronaut experience chair at designersblock 09 and loved it. Forgot about it til today when she did a talk at Goldsmiths. She’s an incredibly positive character on top of being a playful and very intelligent designer.

Tobie Kerridge. He’s one of my lecturers at Goldsmiths. Turns out he was part of the Material Beliefs project, which opened my eyes to a different kind of design. Jimmy Loizeau was my lecturer last term, and I was surprised to realise last week (when I looked up Tobie) that he in fact designed the Carnivorous Robots in the Material Beliefs project – I told everyone about them when I found out about them last year, I absolutely loved the mouse killer one.

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