Gift Giving


I bought these for £7 at Urban Outfitters. They’re £17.50 at the Design Museum! I know where to look for presents.

I’ve painted a small heart on each, with red nail varnish – they are to be a wedding present for my friend’s sister.

Urban Outfitters and Paperchase both have very good gift sections. Many of the objects are tongue in cheek sort of fun. For example…

…which you can get for £5 from Paperchase, or for £6 at Urban Outfitters you can get these fake tattoo sleeves…


…or Point It (£4.99), a godsend for travellers. There are hardly any words inside – just pictures sorted by type to aid communication between speakers of different languages.


Heal’s near Warren Street tube station also has a fantastic gifts section, especially around Christmas, but it’s usually a bit more expensive.

You have to admit that this calculator is cool. At £45 though, you really have to love novelty objects to buy it.


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